Stay Away from Bad Habits as a Teen

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Did you know that your wisdom teeth grow in during the teen years? This is significant because they are the last set of teeth you will ever receive. It can be overwhelming knowing that new teeth will never grow in to replace those that may be lost. What’s worse, is that many bad habits you will come across during your teen years seek to destroy your teeth.

Stay away from bad habits as a teen. For more information about oral health habits for teenagers, consider the following:

– Numerous health risks associated with mouth jewelry, a popular teen habit, include disease, chipped and fractured teeth, infections, and serious choking hazards.
– As a teen, one of the most common oral accidents occurs due to playing in contact sports while not wearing the suitable safety gear.
– Smoking is a significant issue that often first takes place during the teen years. Smoking should be dodged as it can lead to severe tooth discoloration, gum disease, and oral cancer.
– As a teen, the wisdom teeth grow in, which can easily entice decay, infection, and malocclusions when they are growing in.
– The use of drugs can have devastating costs on the health of a teen, including their oral health.

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