What Is a Canker Sore and How Can It Be Treated?

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Canker sores are pesky, painful, and seem to stick around forever. While there are no true treatments for canker sores, Dr. Jeffrey Neal would like to offer some insight into what canker sores are and how you can help them heal.

Many people confuse canker sores and cold sores, but cold sores are a virus and canker sores are a wound. Canker sores typically develop inside the mouth–especially on the lips, cheeks, and tongue–and aren’t contagious like cold sores. With a canker sore, you may feel pain when food, your tongue, or your toothbrush touch the sore.

Cankers sores fade away on their own without treatment, but you can reduce the pain until then by purchasing a topical gel or over-the-counter medication or receiving a prescription from Who Does Your Teeth for an antibacterial mouthwash or topical medication.

You can reduce your risk of canker sores by brushing and flossing. Please be aware that if you develop a fever or joint pain or feel sluggish along with having a canker sore, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. If your canker sore persists beyond three weeks, contact Who Does Your Teeth right away.

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