Why Visiting the Dentist is Important During Pregnancy

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Are you pregnant and haven’t attended the dentist yet? Come see Dr. Jeffrey Neal for an appointment today! Your dental visit is even more important during your pregnancy due to fluctuating hormones causing swelling, gum disease or perhaps even gingivitis. These dental problems can be avoided here at Who Does Your Teeth where our professional staff will attend to your dental needs.

It’s important to let your dentist know how many months you are into your pregnancy and what medicine is prescribed to you. Any extensive treatment such as cosmetic dentistry, should wait until after your pregnancy, but you are welcome to complete a regular checkup. Communicate with Dr. Jeffrey Neal and his staff what options are available for you.

Food tends to get trapped more when the gums are swollen. Because of hormones, this tends to happen more frequently. Food trapped can cause infection leading to gum disease or gingivitis. Keeping a regular dental regimen of flossing daily, brushing within a half hour after meals, and using non-alcoholic mouthwash will ensure some protection against tooth decay and growing bacteria.

The use of mouthwash is especially prevalent after vomiting, also morning sickness. The enamel can be affected by stomach acid, so rinse with either mouthwash, water, or a mix of water and a teaspoon of baking soda to battle acid.

Vitamins and minerals are key in supporting your enamel as well as strengthening your baby’s growing teeth and bones, which can occur as early as 6-8 weeks into your first term. Though they aren’t visible when first being born, the teeth have already well developed when they are born.

Our office will be happy to assist you here at Who Does Your Teeth in Henrico, Virginia, and schedule either an appointment or consultation to determine which course of treatment is best for you and your baby. Call us at 804-447-1435 today!