Soon enough, your teeth will be straight and you will finally get your braces off! When that day comes, it is important to remember that unless they are held in place, your teeth can easily move back to their original positions. At Who Does Your Teeth, our dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Neal will suggest and provide additional care after your orthodontic treatments to help keep your smile straight. When receiving post-orthodontic care in Henrico, Virginia, our dentist can use a variety of appliances, including retainers. For more information about what you will need to do after your treatment, please contact us at 804-447-1435 and schedule an appointment today!

One day, your braces will come off or you will no longer need aligners to straighten your smile. When this day comes, we are confident that you will want to show off your new, perfectly straight smile. However, it is important to remember that even though you are finished with our orthodontic appliance, there are still some things you need to do to care for your smile.

This post-orthodontics treatment phase is often referred to as retention, and it is just as important as the treatment you just received to correct your teeth and bite. In most cases, this phase requires that you be fitted for and receive a retainer. Your teeth are not permanently set in the jawbone. Instead, they are held by a series of fibers. Orthodontic treatments that move your teeth also move these fibers, and it may take several months for the fibers to adjust to their new position. By wearing a retainer, you can keep your teeth in their proper position during this adjustment, thus preventing your teeth from moving and undoing all of the work that was just done to straighten your teeth.

There are several different types of retainers that you can choose from, and our dentist will help determine which retainer is right for you. Our dentist will also provide you with instructions about how to properly wear your retainer and how often you should wear it. If you have questions about your post-orthodontic treatment, we invite you to call or visit our office today.