Our team at Who Does Your Teeth strives to stay up-to-date with the latest dental technology, and Dr. Jeffrey Neal is bringing the latest and greatest dental tools to his patients, including the Planmeca PlanScan™ Intraoral Scanner. With this tool, our dentist can take high-quality images of the inside of your mouth to provide you with a top-tier experience in our office. Intraoral scanners help us perform restorations more quickly, and they provide our patients with shorter, more accurate, and less invasive treatments. To learn more about how you can benefit from receiving dental care with intraoral scanners in Henrico, Virginia, please contact us today at 804-447-1435.

The intraoral scanner is a modern dental tool that our dentist may use for a variety of reasons. When images are taken with X-rays or impressions, or during routine checkups, certain structures may be hidden to the unaided eye. With an intraoral scanner, however, our dentist can receive a clear, instant, and detailed image of your entire maxillofacial complex, including your teeth, tongue, gums, and joints. These scanners are extremely versatile and can be used in any kind of treatment from routine checkups to dental restorations to periodontal treatments. Because intraoral scanners provide such a detailed image, our dentist can more accurately and clearly spot tooth fractures, bacterial buildup, early signs of tooth decay, and other abnormalities. And because intraoral scanners scan quickly, your accurate diagnosis has never been easier.

Intraoral scanners provide a wide range of benefits to your dental care, including:

  • Single wavelength, blue laser technology to accurately capture restorations, impressions, models, and hard and soft tissue. This provides a highly accurate digital replica of your mouth.
  • Video-rate scanning that processes data instantly, preventing our dentist from missing any details.
  • Flexible field of view to improve field during scanning process.
  • Comfortable, accommodating design for easy use and movement.
  • Internal fans that disperse heat during use to allow constant, uninterrupted scanning.
  • Removable tips for easy cleaning and disinfecting between patients.
  • Coordinating technology with our digital X-rays for comprehensive data.
  • Convenient chair-side results that allow patients to see exactly what our dentist sees in real time.

By utilizing intraoral scanners, our dentist can provide you, the patient, with a greater opportunity to see what’s going on inside your mouth. With the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Neal, you can see any abnormalities or concerns and discuss them at the same time. With intraoral scanners, there is no need to put off your dental appointments. By using this safe and efficient treatment, your exams and impression can now be completed in a matter of minutes and provide you with precise and accurate results. We invite you to learn more about our advanced dental technology, including intraoral scanners, by calling or visiting our office today. We are pleased to take care of your smile!