Our dentist and team are proud to offer laser dentistry with our in-house Gemini™ laser in Henrico, Virginia. Laser dentistry is one of the latest breakthroughs in modern dentistry and allows us to perform the treatments we offer in a safer, faster and more comfortable manner, often eliminating the need for anesthetics. If you are interested in learning more about how Dr. Jeffrey Neal can use laser therapy to better your next visit to our office, call our team at 804-447-1435 and schedule your consultation today.

Low-level laser therapy is the latest technology in dentistry. At Who Does Your Teeth, lasers are utilized both by our dentist and our hygienists. The laser has many uses, such as assisting with TMJ and muscle pain, treating canker sores, desensitizing teeth, performing periodontal therapy, improving gum health, and much more. The Gemini laser is a diode laser which consists of a specific light energy of a certain wavelength and intensity that decontaminates bacteria, loosens muscles and increases oxygenation into tissues. What makes the Gemini laser different is it has two different wave lengths that can be used separately or combined to aid in patient comfort.

The laser is used for patients with gingivitis, gum disease, implants and more to increase hygiene efficacy, as it decontaminates the bacteria within the gum tissue, improving overall oral and general health. The decontamination treatment is used for both natural teeth and implants. For periodontal therapy, it has the added benefit of creating an analgesic (numbing effect) to ease any discomfort.

Common Uses:

  • Photobiomodulation (PBM) pain and healing
  • Gingival decontamination (usually two or more treatments)
  • Hemostasis (stops bleeding)
  • Biopsies (No cutting, easier healing)
  • Tooth desensitization (used after extractions, endodontic treatment and fillings to reduce post-op pain)
  • Apthous ulcers (relieves initial canker sore pain and ulcers do not appear in same area after treatment.)
  • Herpetic lesions (reduced pain)
  • Muscle pain reduction

Our laser can be used by our dentist for restorative procedures as well, including orthodontics, TMJ and muscle pain, and tooth pain. A game changer in dentistry is Photobiomodulation (PBM). This therapy is used to treat TMJ and muscle pain and consists of treatment for acute pain and then another for healing.

To learn more about laser dentistry and to schedule a visit with our team, call our office today.

Gemini Laser

Gemini Laser