How to Get a Whiter Smile

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Do you wish your smile could be whiter? Here at Who Does Your Teeth, we offer a professional whitening treatment which may rid you of those annoying stains on your teeth.

The process works by the dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Neal, placing a special gel on your teeth. The gel can bleach stains off of your teeth and make your smile more attractive. The gel can get some of the more stubborn stains that over-the-counter treatments may not have the power to get.

A lot of over-the-counter whitening treatments may have too general a focus to be as effective as our whitening treatment. Our dentist can alter his approach during the treatment to better suit your unique needs by examining your teeth, gums and previous dental work. This can help you get better results.

However, we must tell you that the whitening treatment may not be effective for everyone. If you have crowns, bonding or similar dental work, they may not react at all to the whitening gel, meaning their color may not change and they would clash with your natural teeth. Also, if your oral health is not in decent shape, our dentist may not recommend the treatment.

Even so, our dentist may still find ways to help you achieve the smile you want. Other methods of teeth whitening may be just the thing for you, and our dentist may guide you on how to use them effectively. You may also be able to get your oral health back in shape so you can receive our whitening treatment.

If you would like our help so you can get that nice, white smile you want, you are welcome to come to our office in Henrico, Virginia. You can easily schedule a visit and ask some questions by calling 804-447-1435.