Maintain a Happy Smile with Teenage Dentistry

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Caring for your teeth as a teen is extremely important. The teen years are filled with numerous oral health hazards and risks including mouth jewelry, smoking, sports, and drugs. In order to ensure that your smile has the best chance of success later on in life, exercise caution with all risks that are presented in a teenager’s life.

Peer pressure is often one of the number one concerns that teens will face. Trying to avoid numerous unhealthy habits, including smoking and doing drugs, can often be made more difficult due to coercion by friends. However, it is important to remember that severely debilitating consequences can arise from smoking and using drugs, including tooth loss as well as oral and throat cancer.

Sports are often a key risk factor that teens face because so many individuals participate in the various high-risk activities that exist. Although sports generally can be safe, a single blow to your face is enough to severely hinder your oral health. Thus, it is important to always wear the appropriate safety gear, including mouth guards, helmets, and face masks.

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