Make Room for Zoom! Whitening

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Are you looking to improve the look of your natural teeth without the addition of artificial materials on your smile? Do you want to enhance the color of your smile be bleaching away the problematic areas? If so, make room for Zoom! whitening. Zoom! whitening is designed to keep your teeth looking at their best year-round, without the need for dental crowns or veneers to conceal the problematic areas.

If your teeth are not as white as you would like, whitening trays using Zoom! whitening technology can be used to clean deep within a tooth. When activated by a light source, the trays will release a gel that can bleach deep stains without even harming the tooth.

Zoom! whitening will not protect your teeth from future damage, so avoid products and services that can easily result in discolored or stained teeth. This includes teas, coffee, soft drinks, beets, tobacco, juices, and wine, not to mention many others. Zoom! whitening kits can also be given by your dentist for at-home use for any touchups that may be required.

Come speak with Who Does Your Teeth to learn if a Zoom! whitening treatment is right for you. To schedule an oral exam with Dr. Jeffrey Neal and our team at our dentist office in Henrico, Virginia, simply give us a call at 804-447-1435. Thanks for visiting with a smile!