The Oral Hygiene Tools that Can Help Your Oral Health

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As you may already know, oral hygiene is vital for your oral health. However, you might not have known that if you have the wrong smile-cleaning tools, your oral hygiene routine may not be as effective and it might even damage your smile. So, it’s important to use the best smile-cleaning tools possible. To help you know which ones are beneficial, Dr. Jeffrey Neal and our dental team have some information for you.

When you’re selecting the right cleaning tools for your smile, it’s important to look for the American Dental Association Seal of Approval. This logo signifies that the product has been tested and researched for safety as well as effectiveness in an oral hygiene routine.

When picking a toothbrush, select one that has soft bristles. The soft bristles can thoroughly help your smile because they deeply clean the teeth as well as care for the gums. Many people think hard bristles are more effective at removing plaque and cleaning the smile, but that is not true.

When picking a toothpaste, select one that contains fluoride. Fluoride can strengthen your tooth enamel and give it the ability to protect the teeth from tooth decay and other dental issues. As long as your paste has fluoride, you are all set. Your personal preference is all that matters beyond this point.

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